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In addition to the pandemic, 2021 also brought us COP26. Whilst the pandemic saw an increase in ecommerce purchases from both local and national businesses it was local producers which were ale to hand deliver their products direct to consumers. In addition to creating a more personable purchaser/seller relationship it allowed consumers to become more aware of the often high quality locally produced food and drink available on their doorsteps.

Now thanks to the wide range media surrounding COP26 consumers still have sustainability as an important thought process when considering purchases.

They are definitely more actively aware of the impact their carbon footprint has on the environment. They will step towards or away from brands which do and do not fit their ideals/values.

So it is important that all breweries, however small look to be as sustainable as possible, not for consumers but for the environment. This is simply being kinder and most people have that in their belief system.



All of our contract bottling and contract canning finished products are distributed shrink wrapped, this is a decision we came to because we wanted to ensure a high security measure for the alcohol we distribute in addition to implementing a high accident prevention measure against transport mishaps.

However due to the volumes we distribute we are continually researching new ways or new suppliers to make our process more sustainable for the environment.

This has led us to recently changing suppliers. Our new shrink wrap is supplied by a UK company which has received the ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation. All of their plastic wraps are 100% recyclable, so they can easily be returned back to their original state to be remade into polythene again.

So for those breweries looking to become more environmentally friendly our 100% recyclable shrink wrap is an excellent reason to switch your contract services to us.

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All of our boxes are made from cardboard, this allows them to be recycled throughout their life period. Unfortunately cardboard does not have an infinite life span, however thanks to the ability to recycle/reuse a few times it does significantly cut down on landfill and pollution when compared to single use products. In addition, as it is made from trees it is a bio degradable substance. 

So by combining our 100% recyclable shrink wrap with our cardboard trays you will be ensuring a more eco friendly impact your business has on the enviroment

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